Dublin Halloween Clean-up costs

Halloween clean-up costs incurred by Parks & Landscape Services Department

As requested at the last meeting of the SPC, the following is a breakdown of the costs of removal and cleanup of bonfire material for 2010.

1.         Contractors costs

Plant Hire, lorries etc  –                       €22,000.00

Labour, vans and trailers                    €16,000.00

Disposal costs Greenstar                   €16,500.00

106 tonnes collected (39 lorry loads) prior to bonfires taking place and 189.5 tonnes total of clean up = overall total of 295.5 tonnes.  This consisted of tyres (approx 750), pallets, household furniture, household waste, electrical appliances.

The 189.5 tonnes material collected in the clean-up can be broken down by area as follows:

o        112 tonnes North Central Area (of which approx 20 tonnes came from the Moatview/Cara Park Area where there is continuous waste disposal by the travelling community).

o        29 tonnes North West Area

o        15 tonnes Central Area

o        3 tonnes South East Area

o        30.5 tonnes South Central West Area

2.         Direct Labour

In addition to contractor costs, costs directly incurred for overtime and clean up of bonfires by Parks & Landscape Services staff were as follows:

o        North Central East Area – St. Anne’s             €1,000.00

o        North Central West                                         €13,800.00

o        North West Area                                             €7,300.00

o        Central Area                                                    €3,600.00

o        South East Area                                              €6,150.00

o        South Central Area                                         €13,500.00

o        Total               €45,350.00

Total costs for 1 and 2 above are €97,350.00.

Clean up both pre and post is not the total cost of bonfires.  We spend considerable amounts on reinstatement (i.e. regrassing) of bonfire sites.  I estimate this to be in the region of €40,000.

Gerry Barry

City Parks Superintendent