Meeting: 17th December 2010

Litter Fines

From 1st Jan to 30th 290 Litter Fines were issued in the North West Area.

148 fines were issued to members of the public.

142 fines were issued to businesses in the area.

Graffiti Removal

Every complaint concerning graffiti is logged, inspected and removed if required.  Graffiti of an abusive, offensive or political nature is removed within 24 hours. All graffiti complaints should be reported to 222 5412 / 222 5496 / 222 5400.

Since January to September 2010 a total 5292m² of graffiti was removed costing €55,883.

Green Schools Programme

There are 44 schools (primary/secondary) in the North West Area.

Currently 28 schools have registered with the Green Schools Programme of which 20 have received green flags.

To date we have 49 green flags in the area. 19 in Finglas & 30 in Ballymun.

  • 20 schools have been awarded their first green flag
  • 17 schools have been awarded their second green flag
  • 7 schools have been awarded their third green flag
  • 4 school have been awarded four green flags
  • 1 school has been awarded their fifth green flag & is now aiming for their sixth.

Missed Waste Collection

Please note any waste collections missed due to bad weather conditions will not re-scheduled. Customers are advised that they can present additional bagged waste neatly beside their bin for their next collection day.

Christmas Waste Collection

All household bin collections will take place as normal during the Christmas period.

Brown bins collections from Mon 20th to Friday 24th December and Mon 3rd to Fri 7th January.

Black bins collections Mon 27th to Fri 31st December and Mon 10th to Fri 14th January.

Green bins will be collected as normal householders can place additional dry recyclable material beside their green bin on collection day if required until Friday 17th January.

Bring Centres

All DCC Bring centres will remain closed on Fri 24th/ Sat 25th / Sun 26th / Fri 31st December & 1st Jan.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Mellowes Park Depot, Mellowes Road (beside Finglas Civic Centre) Mon-Fri 8am-4am Sat/Sun 10-4pm

Albert College Park, Glasnevin (in carpark) same hours as above

Oscar Traynor Rd, Coolock Bring Centre Mon- Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm