Ballymun Christmas Tree Switch Sr Melinn and the Aisling Project.

The Ballymun Plaza hosted the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. I attended as Chairman of the Area Committee and with a little delegation, I got young Daryl Murphy to push the lever and “Let there be Light”. Dublin City Council Community Staff were all present and as usual Mary Taylor produced the A Team. Bernie Roe, Niamh, Sinead and the indomitable Brian Mongey organiswed everything. Paul McGuirk and his team from Graham’s planted the tree and rigged the lights. We also give a special thakns to Tony and Ernie. RAPID provided financial support for the Aisling Concert in the Axis.

We then were entertained by the students of the Aisling Project in the AXIS theatre with Christmas Carols, songs, art work and dance all under the direction of Sr Melinn. This is successive nights where the highly effective work of Catholic Church religious in the community is seen – Sr Melinn and Fr Seamus Aherne. The higher ups in the RC Church have a lot to answer for.

At the Axis were local councillors Dessie Ellis (SF), Andrew Montague and John Redmond (Lab) and Dr Whatisname Hackinthebush (FG).