Ballymun Leisure Centre

Ballymun Leisure Centre

Ballymun Leisure Centre is located on Main Street, Ballymun, Dublin 11.  The centre manager is Philip White.

The following facilities and services are currently available in Ballymun Leisure Centre:

25 Metre 4 Lane Pool Fully Equipped Gym
Play Pool for Children Fitness Assessments
2 Slides Teen Gym
Lane Swimming Spinning Classes
Family Swimming Step Classes
Swimming Programme Abs Busters
Children’s Swimming Classes Bums & Tums
Adult Swimming Classes Spin & Pump
Free Senior Citizens Begin to Spin
Sauna Summer Camp
Steam Room Unemployed Discounts
Aqua Aerobics

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday:              7.00 to 22.00

Friday :                                    7.00 to 21.00

Saturday:                                 10.00 to 17.00

Sunday:                                   10.00 to 16.00

Phone:                                     8623508

Children’s Swimming Programme

The swimming programmes are very well attended.  We have worked at this to facilitate the young population of the area.  We now have a waiting list and will continue to build these classes in order to facilitate as many children as possible.

Adult Swimming Programme

These cater for a mixed group of learners and improver group. There is a high success rate with the adults. These programmes continue throughout the year.


A total of 18 schools attend the centre for their swimming programme.


There are 4 special needs groups also attending the centre.

There are 13 sports groups attending the centre.

There are 3 youth groups attending the centre.

Aerobic Classes

There are 15 classes ongoing at the centre. These are operating at a medium attendance level from Monday to Friday.

Birthday Parties

We have had over 20 birthday parties in the centre in the past 8 months. These consist of pool time and a room for games and treats provided by the families. This is a healthy inexpensive way of having a party for children.