Dublin Northwest Opinion Poll Extrapolation

In the Irish Times MRBI Poll taken on 13/14 December in 1000 voters in 100 sampling points over the 43 constituencies.

National FF 17, FG 30, Lab 25, SF 15, Greens 2, Independent 11% +/-3%

Dublin subgroup

FF 11% FG 25% Lab 32%, SF 15%, Ind 14%

34% may change so very volatile

From a personal standpoint, the likely outcome in Dublin Northwest now is Roisin Shortall (Labour), Dessie Ellis (SF) and Bill Tormey (FG)

This could change abruptly as a week is a long time in politics. These results are a mixture of a political earthquake and a houricane mixed into one.

Will one or both of Pat Carey and Noel Ahern retire first and let the next FF generation get on with the responsibility? I have a hunch that Pat Carey may find himself in the next Senate.