“No denying temporary troubles, temporary problems” Noel Ahern

On RTE Radio 1 Morning Ireland with Aine Lawlor on 31st December 2010, Noel Ahern uttered the immortal words quoted above in relation to the question about responsibility for the IMF bailout. He then went on to give the 1980s as an example of the country being in worse trouble. He is typical of Fianna Fail’s history denyers – the country was wrecked by the 1977 Fianna Fail policy of substituting foreign borrowing for taxation – car tax, rates etc. Then Haughey’s 1981 budget underprovision. This was followed by political fiscal paralysis in the Fitzgerald/Spring government of 1982-1987. The slosh of cash off-shore can of course be heard to this day and lead to the tax amnesties and large repatriation of money owed by citizens.

Anyway, the constituency of Dublin Northwest has an obvious choice to make. Cod (No shame Carey) and Chips ( You’ve had yours Ahern) to go.

The country to survive.