Fling or the real thing? – for the ladies

10 ways you know he’s the one

Want to know if he’s the one? Take a look at our 10 giveaway signs that he’s a keeper.…

Part time fling or long term lover? It’s the eternal question. He’s cute, funny and your friends love him, but is that enough? How do you know he’s ‘the one’? Here are 10 factors to consider and if you can meet at least nine of them then hold tight because he might just be the one you’ve been looking for.

He makes you laugh until you cry

A sense of the humour is one of the most appealing qualities in a man and sharing the same jokes will keep you close, whatever comes your way. It doesn’t matter if no one else finds you funny, as long as you can make each other laugh out loud.

You want the same things out of life

If you want to settle down and have a family and he wants to travel the world with no commitments then you are not on the same page. Although all couples have to make compromises you should essentially want the same things out of life and be able to work towards them together.

He likes you best with no makeup on

Yes, you may think he is lying but the chances are that he really does prefer you au natural. He loves you for you, not for the clothes you wear or the make up you doll yourself up in. If he tells you you’re pretty when you are cuddled up in your pyjamas then chances are that he means it.

You love him because of his flaws

It is wrong to think that to be ‘the one’ your man has to be perfect. Nobody is perfect. He is ‘the one’ when you know him well enough to see all his flaws, accept them for part of who he is, and love him just as much anyway.

He supports you in everything you do

Whether you are going for a job promotion or planning a night out with your friends – he should be your biggest cheerleader. He may not agree 100% with all your decisions but he will never stop you doing anything, will be there to offer advice and pick you up when things go wrong.

You trust him implicitly

If you have been hurt in the past it can be difficult to trust again, but it is an important part of any relationship. Your partner should earn your trust by proving that he always keeps his word and treats you with respect. No, you can never be 100% sure he won’t stray but 99.5% will do.

Even your dad/best friend/dog likes him

OK, it shouldn’t matter what other people think of him, but it is still nice to know that they approve. Your dad and best friend are only looking out for your best interests and it is difficult to convince them that somebody is good enough for you. If your boyfriend manages to get them on his side then you are probably on to a winner.

You wake up and feel lucky each morning

As you roll over in the morning and see him lying next to you, you are struck with a great sense of contentment. Here, out of everywhere in the world, is where you most want to be. You feel lucky to have him in your life and can’t imagine sharing it with anyone else.

You stop noticing the cute guy at the coffee shop

Of course you are still going to find other men attractive but it is amazing how much less you notice them when you have found ‘the one’. Think about it, have you met anyone recently who really got your juices flowing? No? Then chances are he’s right in front of you.

You just know

Sometimes there is no defining factor or moment that confirms he is ‘the one’ – you just know. When your life is brighter with him in it (even with his annoying habits and football obsession), when you feel happy each morning and can’t imagine your life without him, when you smile thinking about him – you just know.

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