Sensible Dutch laws and attitudes to sex workers.

Landlords and window prostitute in Amsterdam to be taxed.

Here are 3,000 window prostitutes in Amsterdam and tax inspectors are after them now.

€50 for a 20 minute encounter is the going rate.

Bothels are legal and must register with the City Council since 2000.

Prostitution is a legal profession since 1988. Many prostitutes have joined a trade union.

The dutch Bureau of Statistics claims that prostitutes generate €800 million in annual turnover.

The tax man wants them to charge 19% VAT on every sex act..

Prostitutes pay between 33% to 52% income tax.

As a result of legal work, they are entitled to full state contributory benefits including pensions.

This is one a huge improvement on the proposed stupid sex law here and the politically correct intolerance of Sweden.

Tax and regulate. Dublin City Council could benefit from a dose of such common sense.