Frontline on Dun Laoghaire

For me, the Pat Kenny Frontline programme on RTE 1 TV on the Dun Laoghaire constituency was insufficiently inquisitorial. A female “floating” voter coming out for Tipperary Hanafin – must have been floating her boat in the bath or in the harbour. Dick Boyd-Barrett – economic simpleton gets away with rhetoric flourishes of economic fantasy while he gesticulates like a German orchestra conductor. Hanafin is a member of a family closely allied to the theocratic wing of Fianna Fail. However, I believe that she was a good teacher at Sion Hill school in Blackrock. She gives me the impression of being an ice maiden; all process – no soul.  Andrews is FF royalty. His father is a man of honour and stood up to the Haughey excesses in his time. I have always liked David. His grandfather did for the railways so no change there only substitute ‘country’ for ‘railways’. Ivana Bacik looking for a Labour lead government!  Really, the claim that €4.5 billion cuts is ok would not wash and we would be forced into another national humiliation as the ECB/IMF order an emergency budget or ‘no money’. So I really hope that FG does well for the sake of the country because I don’t trust the Stix with the exception of Pat Rabbitte who should always have been in the Labour Party. Sean Barrett made sound common sense and Mary Mitchell-O’Connor was excellent to finish. The contributions about all the TDs showing up at community events and that therefore you could vote for the FFers again was laughable because it  exposed exactly what is wrong with Irish politics and why there are so many muppets in the Dail.