Shortall pathetic on “The week in Politics”

The B teams were out tonight. Lenihan the man who sees economic recovery around every corner and earned the title the worst finance minister in Europe. Labour’s Shortall – pathetic on tv tonight. Olivia Mitchell said that external support from FF for a FG government is “a ludicrous question” but it certainly is not. Olivia did note that FG opposed the budget. Leo Varadkar’s suggestion elsewhere that FG could agree a contingency finance bill and let the new government deal with some issues of detail is probably the way to go. Martin Ferris going on about Lisbon referenda in the current context! At least Shortall shows her true conservatism by excoriating the left alliance as a “rag-bag” and showing that she wants a FG coalition for stability. Slamming the budget and then saying that Labour has signed up to reduce the fiscal gap to 3% by 2014/15. At least Shortall was correct about the Sinn Fein pretense of an alternative source of money in the immediate future.

Fine Gael’s A Team on the economy and jobs is our main hope of recovery.

The truth always surfaces.