Labour NIMBIs strike again. Lansdowne Road environs witnesses soccer fans drinking cans of beer on the streets. Shock Horror! This report was published by David Cochrane on The FAI should get the Gardai to sensibly steward the streets.

“Cllr Kevin Humphreys has called for the cancellation of the next two Northern Ireland matches to be played at the Aviva Stadium. This is due the high levels of public disorder and delinquency fueled by alcohol that occurred last night, Wednesday 9th of February in the surrounding residential areas.

Local residents had to undergo a barrage of abuse and intimidation and were unable to leave their homes. From early afternoon, gangs of supporters were roaming the streets while openly drinking from cans of beer and bottles of spirits. Local streets were used as public conveniences and damage was done to a number of properties. Residents should not be expected to have to undergo this again.

There must be guarantees of proper crowd control, curbs placed on public consumption of alcohol and sufficient Gardai in place to protect residents and property of those on the frontline of moving crowds.

The next two matches are scheduled for Tuesday 24 May (Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland) and Friday 27 May (Wales v Northern Ireland).

Kevin is a Councillor for the South East Inner City and General election candidate for Labour in constituency of Dublin South East. He lives off Bath Avenue, which is part off the crowd control program for the Avivia Stadium.”