Constitution Day

Politicians must lead the way as FG give people their say on ‘Constitution Day’

Political reform is a cornerstone of Fine Gael’s 5 Point Plan to get Ireland working. One year from the formation of a new Government if given a mandate by the Irish public, Fine Gael will put proposals to the people that will cut the number of politicians by 35% – including abolition of the Seanad, allow judges’ pay to reduced and lower the President’s term from seven to five years, Party Leader, Enda Kenny said today (Sunday).

Fine Gael’s ‘Constitution Day’ forms part of the Party’s radical political reform plan that will see the elimination of Ministers’ severance, the Taoiseach’s pay cut, an overhaul of pensions paid to Ministers, the pooling of Ministerial cars and the banning of corporate donations.

“Fine Gael’s Five Point Plan is about changing our country and we believe that change must start at the top.

“Politicians must lead the way and the political system must be overhauled. To implement the radical political change Ireland needs, amendments have to be made to the Constitution. If elected to Government, Fine Gael will hold a ‘Constitution Day’ where the Irish people will be asked to vote on:

• Cutting the number of politicians by 35%. This includes abolishing the Seanad and reducing the number of TDs by 20;
• Giving Dáil Committees full powers of investigation;
• Reducing the President’s term from seven to five years;
• Providing the Oireachtas with the power to cut judges’ pay;
• Putting the Ombudsman on a constitutional footing.

“We are firm in our belief that these constitutional referenda can be held within one year of a new government being formed. One year is enough time for a new Government to consult with relevant stakeholders, draught the legislation and put the cases to the people.

“The political system needs to be smaller, more transparent and more effective. Fine Gael is the only Party with the plans to reform our politics and get Ireland back to work. ‘Constitution Day’ is a vital part of our strategy and we want the people to have their say.”