Vincent Norton on city boundaries

To recommend a change of boundaries for the Dublin City Council administrative area by the application of the principles of community integrity and natural boundaries to the current physical developments. Each Area Committee that borders a neighbouring administrative area should make submissions to a review group set up by the City Manager’s Department with a view to recommending change to the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Dear Cllr. Tormey,

I refer to Motion 46 hereunder which was moved for report at the January City Council meeting. The area boundaries are determined having regard to local electoral areas and have regard to councillors elected for those areas. This facilitates administrating the area in conjunction with the councillors elected for that area. To move away from this situation could give rise to lack of clarity on responsibility and would involve councillors having to attend additional meetings. It is open to members of the City Council to attend the meetings of adjoining area committees but I suspect that this would not meet with what you are trying to achieve.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss this with you when you have some time and to consider the type of boundary change that you envisage. It is very difficult to arrange areas to meet all requirements. You will remember the difficulties I had following the last review of the electoral areas to introduce a change to the area structure. In addition, the local area structures very often do not correspond with Dail Constituencies or the boundaries used by other state agencies thereby increasing difficulties.

I trust clarifies the position for you and I look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely,

V.J. Norton

Vincent J. Norton | Executive Manager | City Manager’s & Corporate Services Department.