Two weeks and counting. Enda is on the way to being “Kennier”.

Finland’s central bank governor has re-iterated that the ECB must look after the Eurozone as a whole when asked about a hike in interest rates. That, of course is true, but I wonder was he a member of gthe board of the ECB when they failed to notice the property bubble in Ireland. It is worth noting that the worthies of the IMF also grossly underestimated the economic slice gates that would soon wash over Ireland when they reported in 2007.

Mr Willem Buiter a CITI economist is quoted in the indo as saying “European leaders need to make concession or Ireland will have no option but to go it alone. They’re playing with fiore with this brinkmanship.”

This is a very accurate summation of the present situation. It is clear that the economic cabinet team of Kenny, Noonan, Gilmore and Hayes will not recommend to the cabinet that the country ignores the strategic overlay of the Irish people paying for bad lending decisions across European banking including the german banks, LLoyds and the ECB. Even though I am biased, I thought that Enda Kenny’s interview with Bloomberg TV in the US was the best I have seen from a Taoiseach in a long time.

To those people who gave me stick on the doorsteps about Enda Kenny and the position of Taoiseach, I ask a simple question? You lot voted for Charlie, Albert, Bertie and Brian. Write down on a page why any of these could be placed ahead of Kenny after two weeks as Taoiseach. When I hear the Dubs praising Enda, I know that “Kennier” is only around the corner.