Cameron tells porkies on voting

So First-Past-the-Post isn’t just one way of counting votes; it is an expression of our fairness as a country.

It is enshrined in our constitution and integral to our history – and AV flies in the face of all that because it destroys one person, one vote.

If you vote for a mainstream candidate who comes top in the first round, your other preferences will never be counted.

But if you vote for a fringe candidate who gets knocked out early, your other votes will be counted.

That means the second, third, even fourth votes of someone who supports the Monster Raving Looney Party can count as much as the first vote of someone who supports a mainstream party. That is unfair and undemocratic.

Ed Miliband, the Labour Party leader, is campaigning in favour of electoral reform, but a majority of his MPs and a number of prominent former cabinet ministers oppose any change to the current system.

Research by the Labour No to AV campaign suggested that the party would have won 20 fewer seats had the proposed new system been in place at the time of the last year’s general election, while the Lib Dems would have secured 32 more.