Matt Cooper’s Sunday Times article echoes what I have writing here for some time

Matt Cooper also dealt with the Morgan Kelly Irish Times article, this time in the Sunday Times. He acknowledges the appropriate response of the Taoiseach when Enda Kenny said that ” I have no intention of delivering a lethal injection to the Irish economy by trying to bridge that extent of the deficit in one year.”

Matt’s final paragraph reads “Honohan said that the deal struck last November was agreed in a hurry and designed to be altered. But that will take time. The hope must be that, by constructively engaging with the EU, a partial default on money owed to the ECB will be allowed in a couple of years time. This will reduce our overall debt burden and can be sold as a reward for taking a few bullets to save the EU. It is not the type of deal that anyone will admit to in advance, but hanging on to that possibility seems a better strategy than self-harm.”

Interesting Kelly is demolished by Cooper’s headline “Lethal injection won’t solve economic woes.”