Oldtown Road – Shangan Gap at the Area Committee in May

With reference to a request to initiate the process for the extinguishment of the right of way between Oldtown Road and Shangan Road, Dublin 9.

Following a debate on the issues involved, the meeting was temporarily adjourned to bring to order the visitors in the public viewing gallery.

Standing orders were suspended to allow the following Emergency Motion:

“That a report on issues relating to the gap between Oldtown Road and Shangan be provided at monthly North West Area Committee meetings and quarterly North West Area Joint Policing Sub Committee meetings. That the Gardaí be requested to implement a local policing plan and provide a monthly written report and statistics to the North West Area Committee on the

· number of calls received

· nature of calls

· nature of Garda response to calls received

· results of any investigations undertaken

That the Manager engage an independent facilitator to conduct an assessment of the situation, meet with Residents from Oldtown, Shangan, Gardaí and BRL and report back to the North West Area Committee within a reasonable timeframe.”

ORDER: Agreed