President David Norris – No thanks!

David Norris in a letter to supporters wrote …

“Age of consent

In my view, the people best equipped to make these difficult moral and legal
decisions are the judiciary. Legislation based on the principle of consent
empowers the judiciary.
Consent based on age, has resulted in many instances in the inappropriate
criminal prosecution of minors.
This is the approach that I would personally support.”

In the Irish Daily Mail he is quoted as saying “I don’t believe in an age of consent,”

In the Irish Times the following is a short excerpt “He was responding to an interview conducted last year which was published today, in which he was quoted as saying he did not support an age of consent for sex. The report also stated that Mr Norris was “pro-prostitution”, “pro-abortion” and that he believed drugs should be legalised.”

My comments would go like this : How can a judge make any decision about underage sex or paedophilia if there is no minimum age of consent? There is no logic applied there Senator. In my day in UCD, that would be a “see you in september effort” (the repeats).

David Norris on in his own letter


Pederasty is a term describing sexual relations between an older and a younger
man in ancient Greece. My experience as a young man in Dublin was that there
were no social outlets for gay men. I was left in ignorance by society and didn’t
consciously meet another gay male until I was in my 20s. The subject was
surrounded by silence and fear. Then I read Plato’s symposium, in which there is
a discussion about the nature of love. The greatest philosopher ever argued that
physical love was the gateway to spiritual love, very movingly it concludes with
the most beautiful young man in Athens, Alcibiades admitting that he has offered
himself sexually to Socrates in return for sharing in Socrates’ wisdom. This text
was preserved throughout the middle ages. I saw this enlightening approach and
experience as a much more interesting and preferable introduction to sexuality
than my own experience. That is my own personal opinion.”

My opinion is that I would not want any of this applied to my sons. That is simple straight and unequivocal and un-nuanced. No Sir!