RCSI and Bahrain. Cathal Kelly does the right thing

Events in Bahrain involving some RCSI qualified medical staff have induced extensive correspondence and reportage in the Irish Times. The detailed statement by Professor Cathal Kelly shows that RCSI is discharging its responsibilities under the tenets of International Medical Ethics. The public assertion of the independent duty of doctors and of the position of hospitals as sanctuaries of healing leaves no room for misunderstanding. That Professor Kelly is attempting to exercise diplomatic channels directly to urge restraint through multiple trips to Bahrain just shows the level of his committment. Teaching students that patient care must be blind to religion, ethnic group or race is central to its mission. This the college is doing. Megaphone condemnatory mantras from a virtual plinth at St Stephens Green might play well in safe areas in Ireland but would do nothing to protect patients or staff in Bahrain.