Lord Mayor of Dublin

During this council term, I will not seek support to contest the election at the City Council for Lord Mayor. I have too much to do in medicine and want to complete current projects. I am committed to support Naoise O’Muiri next year and have pledged my support. We have talent in Fine Gael in Dublin City and next year will be important as Ireland will have the presidency of the EU just as Poland has it now. That is why I support Naoise and in my judgement, Naoise is the most impressive person in the round from a national perspective. He is wasted on the City Council where we cannot make real executive decisions. His academic record and business ability are well in the top centile. He’s got a little of the Yogi – he’s better than the average bear. If given the opportunity, Naoise will simply perform at a level above the dross. He has decent instincts but is more conservative than me but that is unsurprising.

If he finishes up in Europe, we have high quality people at the City Council to take over the Lord Mayor’s mantle for that period. I can’t write more now but they know who they are!!