Oireachtas Dress Code

The Members of the Committee of Procedure and Privileges should grow up. The dress issue should not be about shirts and Saville Row suits. TDs are elected by the people to represent them as deputies. The people are the arbitrators. The Dail is not the St Stephens Green Club or the Jockey Club. It is not about the phoneyness of Royal Ascot. You people with superior tastes and decorum are not blackballing membership applicants for Garrick Club membership.

So I think that Ming the Magnificent, Mick Wallace, Richard Boyd Barrett and Gerry Adams should be left alone.

Personally, I think that I would respect my constituents by wearing more formal clothes but that is only me. I fight for adult autonomy and the middle class wannabees rulkes should not be forced on everyone when we live in a democracy without a class system. We do not have a House of Lords with ermine nor a monarchy.