Rock Boy Quinn’s Report Card 11

Ruairi on redress for clerical and institutional abuse.

ā€œIā€™m asking them for a 50:50 contribution. The taxpayer has already paid out the bulk of it. Their share should be about ā‚¬680 million and they are half shy of that . . . they need to do far more.ā€ says Ruairi.

Quinner: – Ask yourself what would you advise the Religious Orders to do in this circumstance? Would you advise them to ignore your meeting this week? (I would) Would you advise them to wait until individual requests for finance came to any particular order? I would. Would you not consider that collective punishments are wrong? I would

Do you consider that you have given David Quinn and his ilk a stick to beat you with unnecessarily?

Solution: – Call in the Bishop in each diocese and seek redress separately in each area?

Call in each relevant Religious Order and do the same.

Set a time frame for agreement that is short.

Negotiate the school issue in each diocese.

Respect the wish of the local parents and school users.

Inform the Papal Legate that the Vatican has no role in Irish national affairs. (John A Costello and Brendan Corish are dead)