HSE Forum

HSE forum should serve the people’s interests

Thursday, July 21, 2011

THE report on Monday that HSE Forum South members from Fine Gael are
threatening to quit the “talking shop” comes as no surprise. I have
attended two meetings of the chairpersons of the four national forums.

It was evident that only Galway and Kells were working after a
fashion. There is an obvious need for reform. The Dublin Northeast
body at Kells has some little influence. Until the law is changed, it
is better that elected representatives use their positions to advocate
for their people and try to change services for the better.

The legal position where the forum is in reality an advise centre for
the HSE Board is of course farcical underlined by the recent action of
the minister in defenestrating the former board. Change in the health
service is imperative and should always happen as circumstances and
technology develops. The forum should serve as a guardian of the
people’s interests and forensically question the effects of policy
decisions on local populations.

At Kells, we have tried to push the boundaries of what is possible in
the interests of better communications and a better service.
Councillors from all parties and none have worked together to achieve
this, and the management has responded. Until the law changes we will
try to persevere. Meanwhile, I would urge my colleagues at HSE Forum
South to persist.

Dr Bill Tormey
Chairperson HSE Forum
Dublin Northeast,
Kells, Co Meath

This appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Thursday,
July 21, 2011