Northwest Area Committee July 2011 – Minutes

Friday 15th July 2011

NW/178/11 Election of the Chair
ORDER: It was proposed by Councillor Paul McAuliffe seconded by
Councillor Anthony Connaghan “that Councillor Dr. Bill Tormey be
elected Chair of the North West Area Committee” the motion was put and

NW/179/11 Election of the Vice Chair.
ORDER: It was proposed by Councillor Bill Tormey seconded by
Councillor Paul McAuliffe “that Councillor John Redmond be elected
Vice Chair of the North West Area Committee” the motion was put and

NW/180/11 Minutes of the North West Area Committee Meeting held on
17th June 2011
ORDER: Agreed. Margaret Geraghty informed the members that talks
were ongoing with Dublin Bus and the unions in relation to the
proposed route changes. Dublin Bus to report back to the September
North West Area Committee meeting. Councillors to email Margaret
Geraghty with specific queries for Dublin Bus prior to the September
meeting. A further letter to issue to Dublin Bus asking them to
provide a written response setting out the data and criteria on which
they have based the proposed route changes in the North West area. It
was further agreed that the Manager should write to the National
Transport Authority asking them to review transport provision in the
greater Dublin area in view of the proposed changes in service
provision by Dublin Bus and to ask them to examine the potential to
develop, in conjunction with the local authority, alternative local
transport initiatives.

An update was given in relation to the Extinguishment of Public Right
of Way at Oldtown Road. A facilitator has been appointed and met with
residents. A draft report has been received. The final report will
be made available in the next 7-10 days. The Manager wrote to An
Garda Siochána and asked them to make a report on the gap at Oldtown
Road available for the North West Area Joint Policing Committee on
Monday 18th July 2011. The Members referred to an incident that
happened near the Oldtown Gap on Friday 15th July 2011 and requested
that this be noted in the minutes. The Gardaí have been informed. A
further report on the extinguishment request will be brought to the
September meeting of the North West Area Committee.

NW/181/11 Questions to the Area Manager (July)
ORDER: Noted

NW/182/11 Update on the current ‘Rent to Buy Policy’
ORDER: Noted

NW/183/11 Progress report on Finglas Village Public Realm Study
including 5 arm junction at McKee Avenue / Seamus Ennis Road
ORDER: Roads & Traffic Department have engaged a consultant to
prepare a design on the 5 arm junction. Further report to be made to
the September North West Area Committee meeting. The Members
commended Jackie O’Reilly for her work in Finglas Village.

The Members asked that the property Manager from Glenrye Property
Management Company be invited to a future meeting.

Roads and Traffic Matters

NW/184/11 Minutes arising from the Traffic Advisory Group meeting held
on 16th June 2011 in relation to traffic matters for the North West
ORDER: Noted. Item 1 to be followed up with Roads & Traffic
Department as the reason for the non-recommendation is unclear. Eamon
Farrelly to forward plans for the redevelopment of St. Margaret’s Road
to Cllr. Connaghan. The Traffic Engineer to be asked to attend an
onsite meeting in September to review parking issues at Hamptonwood,
Carton Estate and the old St. Margaret’s Road.


NW/185/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Séamus McGrattan

That the Manager looks at the placing of street lighting along the
footbridge connecting Church Street with Finglas Village as residents
are complaining that it is very dark at night time.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/186/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Paul McAuliffe

Following planning approval for the opening of Hamptonwood Drive and
Balbutcher Lane in accordance with the Ballymun Masterplan, can the
Manager ask the traffic department to review the traffic safety
measures in this estate. In particular can he examine if the speed on
this road, on St Margaret’s Road and Jamestown Road is inconsistent
with the design of the gardens which have no barrier wall and which
are very close to the road edge. Can he also include any information
which he might have regarding Dublin Bus activity in the estate and on
the surrounding roads. Can he also comment on previous replies to
Councillors which seemed to indicate that ramps would be installed.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

Planning & Development Matters

NW/187/11 Derelict Sites Quarterly Report
ORDER: Noted. Cllr. Redmond asked if the Manager on behalf of the
Members write to Smart Mortgages requesting them to expedite legal
matters on the property at 49 Glenties Park which is abandoned.

In relation to a site of newly built house at Cedarwood Grove which
has not been completed, the Derelict Sites Section are in receipt of a
report from the Law Department and will write to the Owners.

Culture Recreation & Amenity Matters


NW/188/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Anthony Connaghan

That the Manager looks at the placing of an extra bollard(s) at the
end of Mellowes Park at the junction of Kildonan Road to prevent cars
from mounting the footpath there and driving across the footpath in
front of the houses on Kildonan Road and dismounting over near the
Mellowes Avenue side.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

Area Matters

NW/189/11 Finglas Area Office Update
ORDER: Noted. Cllr. Dr. Bill Tormey asked that Dulux ‘Let’s Colour
it’ campaign organisers be thanked for supplying the paint to the
Fairlawn area. Cllr. Connaghan enquired if any new planning
applications had been received for a takeaway at the ‘Bottom of the
Hill’ in Finglas Village. Matter to be examined.

NW/190/11 Ballymun Voids Report
ORDER: Noted

NW/191/11 Finglas Voids Report
ORDER: Noted

NW/192/11 Environmental Report
ORDER: Noted. Cllr. McAuliffe asked that consideration be given to
amending the existing contracts on grass cutting and weed spraying to
provide for removal of dying weeds following spraying.

NW/193/11 Proposal to initiate the procedure to extinguish the Public
Right of Way between Mellowes Park and Cappagh Road, Finglas, Dublin
ORDER: Agreed to initiate the procedure

NW/194/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Michael MacDonncha

That the Manager arrange for the spraying with weedkiller of the
verges, pavements and tree surrounds in Pairc Ui Cuileann and Barnwall
Drive in Ballymun. Due to the closure of the Estate at the end of
Sillogue Road, the area has fallen into disrepair. The Spraying of
weeds and the cleaning of the verges and pavements would be a major
improvement of the area as the residents are now involved in the
Ballymun Tidy Towns Committee.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/195/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond

That the Manager arrange a meeting between the Dublin City Council
Traveller Accommodation Unit, Senior Executive Officer Fingal Co
Council Traveller Unit, Gardaí and a representative from the
Traveller Community to discuss and put a plan of action in place to
stop children firing stones at passing motorists, as these children
were seen running into the Traveller site at the top of Cappagh Road
past Cappagh Hospital on the left side of the bridge.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/196/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond

That the Manager outline how many families of travellers in the Dublin
North West area live in unauthorised halting sites and what measures
the Council is taking to provide appropriate housing for these
travellers and when the Council expects this housing to be available?
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/197/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond

That the Manager provide details as to the number of Dublin City
Council mortgages in arrears; including affordable and joint ownership
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/198/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond

That the Manager provide a full update with regard to the Prospect
Hill development; specifically indicating when the legal work in
relation to the surrender of the site back to the City Council will be
completed and, further to that, when it is expected that this site
will be completely cleared and secured.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/199/11 Motion in the name of Councillor John Redmond

That the Manager provide a report regarding homes in Griffith Heights;
a reason for the prolonged issuing of letters to residents with regard
to their insurance and the reason why individual residents must now
apply separately for same.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/200/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Paul McAuliffe

Following the first presentation and approval of the Clune Road /
McKee Road pavement improvements at the last area committee meeting,
can the Manager re-examine if additional parking might be provided
through any of the following measures

• By using a ‘shared surface’ between pavement and path
• By providing a single loading bay area protected by a removable
bollard in front of No. 29 Clune Road
• By reducing or eliminating the number of bollards and therefore
making enough savings to remove the services preventing parking spaces
on the Clune Road side.
• Reconfiguring the parking layout to make better use of the large corner area.
ORDER: Report to Councillor. Margaret Geraghty gave an update on the
landing at Clune Road. The public footpath abutting the private
landing is in charge of Dublin City Council. Remedial works to the
public footpath are scheduled to commence in September subject to the
North West Area Committee reviewing the proposed works prior to
commencement, the owner of the private landing being notified and
legal clarification received on the proposal as it relates to
retaining access to the private landing.

NW/201/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Paul McAuliffe

Can the Area office consider again the possibility of organising an
annual civic pride / community festival in the Finglas Area to
compliment the great work which has been done over the past few months
by the area office regarding the public domain of the village. I
believe that in cooperation with other area based agencies such a
festival would have a positive impact on the local residential and
business community. In particular the former charity event for
community groups which honoured a volunteer as honorary Lord Mayor of
Finglas each year should be resurrected along with community, sporting
and arts based programmes.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/202/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Críona Uí Dhalaigh

That the Manager arranges for the removal of temporary fencing around
Boiler House at the back of the Travelodge Hotel in Ballymun and to
replace it with something that would be more pleasing to the eye for
hotel residents. Many people staying at the Hotel have commented on
the appearance of this and when the Hotel is trying to attract
visitors we should be doing everything in our power to make their
stays more pleasant at the Hotel. Can the Manager also outline what
the plans are for the Boiler House in the future as I’m led to believe
that the Boiler House is no longer in use.
ORDER: Report to Councillor

BRL Matters

NW/203/11 BRL Report
ORDER: Noted. Physical demolition work has commenced on the block
nearest to Oldtown Gap. There has been a further meeting with the
Receiver involved in the Parkview Development. BRL expect to receive
settlement terms and go to tender for the boundary works in the next 4

NW/204/11 Motion in the name of Councillor Larry O Toole

That the Manager looks at the placing of shutters along the Plaza in
Ballymun at Unit 5A. This premises has had its windows broken several
ORDER: Report to Councillor

NW/205/11 Standing Orders were suspended for the following emergency
motion proposed by Cllr. Dr. Bill Tormey
“The Members of the North West Area Committee call on the City Council
to support the relocation of the Smithfield Horse Fair to a suitable
location, within a reasonably proximate distance of Smithfield, to
exclude built up or residential areas and that the City Council
continues to support the efforts of the multi agency task force to
control the existing horse fair.”
ORDER: Agreed. It was further agreed that this motion be placed on
the Agenda of the next available meeting of the City Council.


Councillors: Dr. Bill Tormey, Paul McAuliffe, John Redmond, Anthony Connaghan

Officials: Dick Brady (Asst. City Manager), Charlie Lowe (Area
Manager), Margaret Geraghty (Senior Executive Officer), Mary Taylor
(Senior Executive Officer), Siobhan Maher (Administrative Officer –
Finglas), Paul Crowe (Derelict Sites Section), Wendy Dowling (Staff

Ballymun Regeneration
Limited Personnel:
Eamon Farrelly (Projects and Contracts Liaison Manager)

Others: Brian Best (Work Experience)

Apologies: Cllr. Steve Wrenn

Councillor Dr. Bill Tormey