Shame on Board of UNICEF Ireland

“Ms Melanie Verwoerd confirmed the board of Unicef Ireland terminated
her employment with the organisation by e-mail on Friday, July 15th,
because of the media interest in her relationship with the late RTÉ
presenter, who died suddenly in April last year.

She added that Unicef Ireland almost doubled its donations from €4.3
million in 2009 to €8.4 million last year, despite the recession,
where many charities found themselves under pressure for fundraising.
As a result, Unicef Ireland transferred almost €7 million to its
parent last year.

Unicef receives €11.5 million from the Irish Government separately every year.”

Quotes from Irish Times.

I will not have anything to do with Unicef Ireland until the Board is
changed. I never met Melanie Verwoerd but her performance in the job
is obviously impressive. She also brought the charity to the forefront
here. What a shower that got rid of her. I see PJ Mara is on the
board. What’s the story PJ?