NEWSTALK – Great men out the door – John O’Donovan and Simon Gallagher

The Harney libel case payout of €450,000 has impinged on finances to a
large extent. It appears that the recession is hammering the best
station in the land per € spent. Advertising is seriously down, I have
been told.

€450,000 would pay for a lot of staff. It makes me angry but for legal
reasons I better not comment any further on our mad libel system. I
have been at both sides of libel cases and have the jerseys. on the
last case I simply wanted an apology which I received. I did not want
money just the principle.

I have to declare an interest so I am biased. I help Marc Coleman on
“Coleman at Large” on Wednesdays and I enjoy it. Just so that you all
know- I don’t get paid. It is a public service and I try to be as well
read as possible. I know I am an insistent Liberal Social Democrat on
the economic dry side of that genre. In the last year, we have had
many impressive people in studio – Dr Garret FitzGerald ( He told me
that FG had moved too far to the right), Alan Stanford, this week Tom
Arnold of Concern, Michael D Higgins, Kathleen Lynch, Jan O’Sullivan,
Eamonn O’Cuiv, Constantin Gurdgiev, Larry O’Connell of NESC, Mary Loo
McDonald, Dessie Ellis, Aongus O’Snodaigh, Mary Kenny, Sharon Kenny,
Richard Boyd Barrett, Anne Brudell, Noel Canty, Calire Bourgeois, Mary
Minhan, Niamh Lyons, David Cochrane, Declan Ganley, Catherine Murphy,
Joan Collins, Michael O’Murahurtaigh, Conor Pope, Marie Byrne, Robbie
Smyth, Pearse Doherty, Jane Suiter, Jill Kerby et al

Plus the many people on the phone.

In the Autumn, I hope that the station will take on the staff again.
The JLNR speaks for itself.

Please keep Dil’s “Global Village” going on Saturday nights.