Norris in a fog of self-delusion

Senator David Norris as President of Ireland?

There are two reasons why I could not support his bid.

1. He said that he did not believe in an age of consent.

If there is no minimum age, then there can be no statutory rape as
there is no law>

2. From Sunday Inkdependent and now The Irish Times.

“Mr Norris said he had travelled to Israel and was present in the
court for the hearing and witnessed “some troubling anomalies” in the
majority verdict, such as the “constant insistence by the presiding
judge that there was absolutely no difference between this case and a
similar case involving heterosexual relations.

“This is certainly factually incorrect. I would be more than happy to
give the court the benefit of my expert knowledge on this and other
matters if it were found possible for me to give evidence in the

He said he was “a direct personal witness” to some of the “peripheral
events” surrounding the case before it came to court. He had offered
to give evidence which “might have helped the court to come to a more
lenient judgment” and was surprised not to be called.

“I would like to stress that should the court find it possible to show
mercy to Mr Yizhak, I am more than happy to act as a personal
guarantor for his continued good behaviour and to guarantee absolutely
that there will be no re-offence.”

Comment. his first assertion about heterosexual relations is wishful
thinking only. I prefer not to speculate as to how he came to that
Furthermore – How could David Norris guarantee the behaviour of
another? More wishful thinking I reckon.