Candidates for The Park

Independent for the Park Race – who?

Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh: the inimitable and great man from Kerry. I
hope Con Houlihan is better soon and can write about Micheal.

The utterances from Joe Higgins that nobody in the Labour Party is a
Leftist speaks for itself. Anyone with any insight into the life and
speeches and actions of Michael D Higgins could be in no doubt. A bit
precious, self regarding and serious but that’s all right by me.

Gay Mitchell – a Christian Democrat conservative. Great campaigner.
Interesting to see how he will fare.

Mary Davis – Dark horse. Not much exposure yet so hard to know now
that Senator Norris is out of the race.

Gallagher – Fianna Fail – ex national executive – who did he campaign
for in last election? (FF)

Bobby Ballagh – Eh no thanks!

Gay Byrne – Formidable of he was nominated.

Trevor Ringland – There’s one if he could take the oath of office.
First Ulster Unionist for the Vice Regal Lodge since who?

Marian Finucane for Fianna Fail – another bolter.

Eamonn O Cuiv – I respect him – Intelligent and will talk for Ireland.
– Daingean or Dingle – OMG