Fintan O’Toole on David Norris – a little precious and with tunnel vision – same again on Newstalk

Fintan O’Toole “Norris acted wrongly but should not be scapegoat”.
Tonight on Newstalk radio with Marc Coleman, Fintan said that Norris
should still be a candidate. Marc Coleman agreed with him and said
that he Marc would sign the Norris nomination papers if he could.
Fintan’s sermon in the Irish Times cites four politicians who made
efforts on behalf of child rapists -Bobby Molloy, Tony Killeen, Pat
Breen and Kathleen Lynch covering PD, FF, FG and Lab. Judges are
expected to exercise some good judgement and wisdom. The courts often
hear about victim impact statements but the accused or the guilty may
also have impacts in other directions. There may be mitigating factors
in people’s lives and I do not object to representatives making
appropriate representations that seem just to the ordinary man. The TD
in my view should never write a reference that would not stand up to
scrutiny on the facts.

I gave other reasons published on this site why I would not support
David Norris.