Car Crash in Meath

Driving along the N2 to Navan Road via Kentstown, A driver coming in
theb opposite direction lost control, swung out, then hit a tree and
fence on the left , spun the car which bounced across the road and hit
my car side on. HELLO. The lady was able to get out and seemed shocked
and very pale. I don’t blame her. It was raining at the time. I want
to thank the many motorists who offered to help and the Gardai for
coming quickly. I knew I would be ok because the violvo V70 would not
fold but the seat belt gove me a bit of a tug. THe air bags were out
in her car. Her car is a write off. Mine could not be driven because
of the damage to the fittings behind the left passenger lights.
Anyway- such is life.

I want to thank the husband of the lady from Meath for being a
gentleman. Road Traffic Accidents – avoid them. Of if you can’t get
out of the way, be in a VOLVO. I want to thank Kathleen Kenny my
accountant in Navan for collecting me and my PA Mary Early for getting
me home from Ashbourne.

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