A German view of us

Dear Bill
I am living in Ireland for about 13 year and I am really glad having
such a good and well paid job.
Just lately so I heard some stories which I wanted to bring to your attention.
Yo hear all sorts of stories: E.G A mother with a buggy was not being
left on the bus as there was already other buggies in the bus,
apparently the numbers are limited. Therefore she just left the buggy
sitting on the street saying to the bus driver : “ oh don’t worry
social welfare will get me a new one” .
In Dublin : Just last week I was told that a person who is presently
on social welfare had a job interview at the airport looking for a job
moving language , well he didn’t take it cause presently he is
receiving 1100 euro social welfare and working at the airport would
have given him 1400 Euro.
In Frankfurt : A friend of mine overheard a conversation in a bus
where three young lads where talking about their income, which in
fact did only lie between 1000 and 1500 euro net a month.
In Dublin : a good friend of mine who was just retired told me that he
is really upset cause he does not get enough retirement money. I asked
him well how much you get when he said 2400 euro net a month. I
looked at him and said this much?
In Munich: Well I said my mum is getting 700 euros a month and has
to pay about 350 a month for rent. Actually both of them did very
similar jobs.
Why is the German Government s still supporting Ireland? Where does
the Irish government actually do save money? Certainly not, in the
distribution of retirement funds.
Should not all European countries have the same retirement rates? The
same social welfare laws and distributions? Is our Government
really looking at this?
Well I came to the conclusion I will certainly try getting my Irish
retirements fund when I am old enough. I would be stupid going back
to Germany.
I am sure there are many more stories to be told on the subject. All
I can say is that there is still seems to be a huge imbalance to other
European countries. Is it not time that we rethink our salaries,
social welfare and retirement funds?
How can it be that teachers are still the best paid in Europe and at
the same time we are looking for bail outs? There surely is
something wrong.