Medical Certs and Social Welfare

I discussed this with Mark Fielding IBEC on Scott Williams on Q102 today.

€188 per week to age 66

Invalidity + €124 .80 spouse or partner
+ €29.30 per child

250,000 illness claims per year involving 78,000 people
Incapacity supplement – 20% disability due to accident at work
< 66 years = €183 >66 years = €204.30
896 people on supplementary benefit
GPs paid €28.7 million for 3.1 million certificates and 65,000 medical reports

53,000 people on certs called in to Social Welfare doctors – 13,000
did not turn up.
Therefore 40,000 seen and 11,600 told that they were capable of working.
Certs were for back/neck problems 10,982,
Anxiety and depression 10,170
Stress – 4,797
Post surgery 3,732
Arthritis 3,629
Nervous disability 2,551
Pregnancy problems 2,090
Fractures – 2,058
Post natal depression 1,893
Comment: 1. Many people are harassed at work and are seriously
stressed out by this.
2. Others harass the doctors into submission and demand certs when
they feel like it.
3. Others decide that they want to stay on welfare for the rest of
their potential working years
4. Sometimes the Social Welfare doctors are told by the GP in a cert
box that the person should be reviewed. Ie removed but sometimes
nothing happens.

Otherwise the numbers of inappropriate payments must be large given
the 13,000 no-shows above. Some of these may however be psychiatric
patients too anxious or phobic to attend the review.
The unknown number os the number who are removed and then on appeal
are reinstated on the sick list.