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Recently there appears to be a lot of talk about the dole, be it
here on or in the media by politicians who earn more than
€100,000 per year. I however would disagree with these people and I
would go further by suggesting that the dole should be increased for
hard up families.

Now I realise some of you here on are choking up your own
vomit at the thought of having the dole increased, others will be
shaking their fists and saying fe*k off, whilst the more sane of you
will actually be asking how do we pay for this for we are a bankrupt
country! To the more sane I ask you this, why is it a bankrupt country
can continue to borrow Billions to fund banks that are already bust,
why is it we can find the cash for them but the idea of finding the
cash for our own people is insane?

A more fundamental reason to increase the dole is the blinding
obvious, Businesses need people to be spending money, people on the
dole by their very nature spend every cent they get as they are simply
not allowed to have savings because they are means tested for long
term unemployment assistance. Wealthy people or those with disposable
income are more likely to save their cash and thus not spend all their
money in the economy; also they have the added bonus of making
interest from the cash they save.

It’s widely believed those who want further cuts in the dole
beleive that people in recipt of the the dole already are gaining
hugely from the vast amounts they are give. A prime example of this is
for the begrudgers is to use a comparison of dole in the UK particular
Northern Ireland compared to the Republic.

Of course using this comparison is unfair as I will highlight
further down, but if people still believe they should see the dole cut
to UK levels are they prepared then to drop their own incomes to UK
levels? The average wage in the UK is €56050.00 and in Ireland it is
€60720.00, in fact Ireland has the 4th highest average salaries in the
EU, perhaps it’s high time we reduced this?
Average Salary In EU | 2010/2011 Survey

As promised here is my example of benefits in the UK compared
to Ireland, all UK figures have been converted into Euros using XE –
The World’s Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site


Family with 1 child
UK Family income per month on the dole
Dole per Couple in the UK = €123.23 or €533.96 pm
Dole Benefit received for a child in the UK = € 60.00 or €260.00 pm
Housing Tax Benefit in the UK for a social house rent €75.00
per week = €75.00 or €325 pm
Child Benefit in the UK per month = € 102.28

Total Income for UK family on the dole per month = € 1221.24


Irish Family with 1 Child
Dole per Couple in Ireland = €312.80 or €1355.46 pm
Dole Benefit received for a child in Ireland = € 29.80 or €129.13 pm
Housing Tax Benefit in Ireland for a social house rent €75.00
per week = € 0
Child benefit in Ireland per month = €140.00

Total Income for Irish family on the dole per month = € 1624.59

A difference of €403.35 per month or € 4840.20 Per Year

Now we need to consider other costs


Food in Ireland compared to food in the UK
We’re second most expensive country in EU to buy groceries

IRISH people are being forced to pay more than most Europeans
for food and we’re even being charged more for products that are made

Despite a wave of recession-busting price cuts, research
showed Ireland is almost one-third more expensive than the UK for
common items such as bread, milk and meat.

We’re second most expensive country in EU to buy groceries –
National News, Frontpage –
So that’s 33% more expensive than the UK for commons food
items. So let’s say an average family with 1 child spend s €135 per
week on food, which would mean the same shopping in the UK would be
33% cheaper, which equals to €44.50 if we multiply this by 52 weeks
per year that is a staggering €2314.00 more.

So let’s deduct the difference of €2314.00 from our total
difference from above.

We now have Irish families on the dole €2526.20 Per Year
better off than their UK counterparts.


Electricity using 2010 stats File:Half-yearly electricity and
gas prices (EUR).png – Statistics explained

Electricity prices per KW in Ireland = 0.18c
Electricity prices per KW in the UK = 0.14c
4c in the difference
So let’s base the cost on 1000 KWH per month
Cost of Electricity in Ireland for 1000 KWH = €180.00
Cost of Electricity in the UK for 1000 KWH = €140.00
Per year in Ireland = €2160.00
Per year in the UK = €1680.00
Electricity in the UK is cheaper by € 480.00 per year
So let’s deduct the difference of € 480 from our total
difference from €2526.20

We now have Irish families €2046.20 better off per year

Now let’s look at one off costs

Refuse collection
Ireland on average = €600
UK = €0

Home Heating Oil
1000 LTR IRELAND = € 820.00
1000 LTR UK = €740.89
Difference of €80.00 or €160 per year if you use 2000 ltr per year

Road Tax

Road Tax for a standard 1.6 Ltr Vehicle

Road Tax for 12 months Ireland = €445.00
Road Tax for 12 months UK = 250.67

Difference of €194.33 better off in the UK

Broadband & Telephone

Basic Broadband package and telephone line rental – essential
for finding a job
Eircom € 51.78 per month
BT = €24.89 per month
Difference = €26.89 over 12 months = €322.68

After deduction all the one of costs from our total we end up
with the figure that welfare in Ireland pays more by the total of
€716.19, of course this figure can move either way based on
consumption, but in any case the total sum does not equate to a huge

To Sumarise
A Family of 1 is better off in Ireland for around €769.19
which equals to around €15.00 per week. If the Irish government deduct
more than €15 from families living on Social Welfare this year then a
family of 1 will be better of claiming dole in the UK.