The Reilly Files. Bill is shocked that James is shocked.

So James Reilly is “shocked” over consultants paid leave. So writes
the irish Independent on friday. OMG. Here is guy who was a big noise
in the irish Medical Organisation which was involved in negotiating
the Consultants Contract. Up to 450 hospital consultants – including
me – are entitled to a year Rest days prior to retirement. In my case,
this was negotiated at a time when the hospital owed me 300 plus days
off in lieu of being on call every day 24/7. All of this was knocked
back to one year pre-retiremnt and you could not get paid in lieu. You
had to go. The whine in the papers about hiring people to do a locum
to cover their own jobs is a whine. It is obvious that new staff
should just n ehired instead. Except that the senior experienced staff
may still be world class and not replaceable like for like. One of the
leitrim mafia falls into that category.

Anyway James – take a look back at the common contract since 1980 and
you will see rest days there in black and white – discretely building
up as people got on with working and not resting. What a shock. Medics