Finglas West and Ballymun Safety Forums

There were two safety forums this week, one in Ballymun and the other
in Finglas West.  In Ballymun there were about 21 residents and in
Finglas West there were 15.  The statistics discussed at Finglas were
for crimes over the last 3 months.  There were 14 burglaries, 3
robberies from the person, 10 assaults, 23 incidents of criminal
damage, 22 people were arrested for procession of drugs and there were
3 major drug hauls as well.

Problems were parking at Dunsoghly where the residents are upset that
people park at the entrance to the estate and make the exit entrance
junction dangerous due to lack of visibility.

There was concern about the new Tesco neighbour shop at Cardiffbridge
Road which is looking for an alcohol off licence.  This shop will
operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.  It was pointed out that a motion was
passed at Dublin City Councils to oppose planning for any new off
licence in the city area.  The thought behind this which I
vociferously support is that there is enough alcohol flooding the
streets at the moment without giving more and more access to alcohol
particularly for the younger generation.  Alcohol is a serious problem
in Ireland as can be shown from the statistics.

Northway Estate
There is also concern at Northway Estate where a football pitch to the
north of the estate which had been agreed to be used for school boy
football only was not being used by adults.  The problem with this is
that cars were literally being dumped when parked all around the
estate and was making entrance and exit difficult and also
inconvenience to the residents.  The road sweepers were not entering
the estate and instead were going to the top of Plunkett and doing a
u-turn to come straight back down again.  This will be sorted by
council officials who have trackers on all the equipment used at the

The other problem is that quad bikes are being used by kids in the
fields around the Northway Estate.  These children are being brought
there by parents and the equipment is being brought along in white
vans.  Guards have lifted approximately 40 quad bikes and there is
quite an array in the rear of the Finglas Garda Station at the moment.

Golf balls are becoming a public menace in West Finglas.  Two schools
have been damaged and Northway Estate houses and windows have been
shattered by people hitting golf balls recklessly.  Guards have agreed
to look into what can be done about this problem.  The difficulty is
shown by the fact that the golf balls have originated in driving
ranges so I am sure that local driving ranges have been denuded of
some of their golf balls.

Litter Fines
160 litter fines were issued in the North West Area between the 1st
January and the 30th June 2011.  Illegal dumping can be reported to
1800 251 500 or to the Finglas Area Office 2225496 or 2225406 or
2225400 or you can email the area office at

The annual Halloween Festival will take place the Civic Centre,
Mellowes Road, on the 31st October 2011.  All are very welcome to
attend this fun and safe family event.  The City Council will be
posting information posters in the local area with details nearer the

Bonfire material will be removed by the Council and in association
with the Gardaí and Safety Forums & Residents Associations there will
be an active programme to reduce the danger.  It is currently an
offence to store or distribute material for bonfires under the Litter
Pollution Act of 1997.  Fines of €150 will be issued to anyone in
breach of the above.

On that cheery note have a good day!