Martin McGuinness as candidate for Uachtarain na hEireann

As a propaganda stunt, this is a brilliant wheeze by Sinn Fein. It is
a breath taking act of cynicism.

This is the greatest piece of political effrontery I can remember from
any political party. The Peace Process is based on a piece of
sophistry – I am expected to forget murder, torture, brutality and
sheer terror in exchange for a better future. However, I never forget.
I am incapable of killing people and cheering this on. I believe in a
federal Ireland within the EU. If the northern Unionists want to
remain citizens of the UK then so be it. Once everyone has the right
to full Irish citizenship, I am happy.

Martin McGuinness has played an important role in Northern Ireland and
obviously has personally evolved and I hope learned much. If he is not
a psychopath, then he undoubtedly has changed in his heart. I, in no
way turn a blind eye to the British Army or to Burntullet, William
Craig, the UVF, UFF, UDA etc but that is never an excuse to kill
people on behalf of the plain people of Ireland like myself.
The performance of Mr Peadar Toibin TD of Sinn Fein on Sunday night on
television discussing the presidency was a classic piece of
obfuscation and agenda setting. He is fluent, obviously intelligent
and dangerous because of that. My family has major fault lines on
these issues. I have no doubt where I stand. To compare Martin
McGuinness with Nelson Mandela is spurious. The Group Areas Act and
the whole panoply of Apartheid are in a different dimension. I somehow
remember that Bobby Sands was elected a Westminster MP. Steve Biko
never had any such chance.

The risk now is that, as a result of this display of blind arrogance
by Sinn Fein, the Peace Process may be underlined. The reasons for the
Peace Process remain. This is a bad move by Sinn Fein.
My comments are in no way related to my membership of Fine Gael. Being
in Fine Gael and of Fine Gael are not necessary synonymous.