Drop In Road Child Fatalities

New research from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has revealed that
child fatalities (children up to 14 years of age) decreased by 45.6%
in the period 1997 to 2009. This new research was revealed as the RSA
and ESB Electric Ireland announced the distribution of 80,000 high
visibility vests to every child starting school this year. The vests
will be included in the ‘Back to School’ packs which will be
distributed to primary schools nationwide in November.

The RSA’s ‘Child Casualties Report’ also highlighted a significant
reduction in child passenger fatalities which decreased by 73% between
1997 and 2009.

61% of child fatalities in this period occurred
outside built-up areas where the roads had a posted speed limit higher
than 60km/h. One in four (26%) of all child fatalities occurred in
Dublin and Cork. Other notable statistics from the report include:-

▪ 249 children up to 14 years old were killed on Irish roads between
1997 and 2009, an additional 1,013 were seriously injured;
▪ Overall, child fatalities decreased by 45.6% in the period 1997 to
2009 with a 36% decrease in pedestrian fatalities, 60% decrease in
cyclist fatalities and 73% decrease in car passenger fatalities;
▪ In this period, over one third (37%) of children killed and 44% of
those seriously injured were passengers in a car. However, both have
reduced significantly since 1997;
▪ The majority of fatalities occurred between 4:00pm and 6:59pm.

The research also revealed that over half (56%) of all child
casualties in Ireland between 1997 and 2009 were pedestrians or

The ‘Back to School’ Pack for Primary Schools, which will be delivered
in November, contains:-

▪ High visibility vests. In partnership with ESB Electric Ireland, a
total of 80,000 high visibility vests will be given out free to every
child starting school this year;
▪ ‘Going to School’ leaflets for junior infants entering education.
This is a parent’s guide to getting children to school safely;
▪ ‘Safe Cross Code’ promotional pack including CD together with a
poster with the words of the ‘Safe Cross Code’ song and dance to be
taught in the classroom;
▪ ‘School News’ newsletter.