Health Complaints

Healthcomplaints is an initiative to help members of the public
understand where and how to complain about health and social care
services, it also provides direction on who to contact for more
information or support and helps people understand the roles of
various agencies, including the HSE, the Ombudsman and the various

Healthcomplaints is a collaborative effort between complaints handling
bodies (Ombudsman and Ombudsman for Children),

health and social care
providers (HSE), regulators of services (HIQA, Mental Health
Commission), professional regulators (The Medical Council, An Bord
Altranais, Coru, PHECC) and service users representatives (the Irish
Patients’ Association).

Healthcomplaints consists of a toolkit developed for people who use
health and social care services in Ireland and their families,
care-givers, those who advocate on their behalf and those who work in
this sector. The toolkit is made up of a Guide for the public, a
leaflet, a poster, a Guide for Employees and the website

The website provides greater detail on all the
organisations featured in the guide, what their complaint procedures
are, and other organisations who service users can contact if they
want help raising an issue regarding their health or social care.