Men’s Health and Cancers

Blue September
The Marie Keating Foundation Mobile Unit will be in Cavan General
Hospital on Tuesday, 27th September, 2011 from 11:00am to 3:00pm as
part of the Blue September initiative.

The inaugural Blue September Ireland has been launched with the aim of
challenging Irish men to face up to cancer. Blue September is a
growing global initiative that encourages men to be more aware of
their health and more pro-active in protecting themselves against
preventable and treatable diseases.

Blue September Ireland is raising
awareness of bowel, lung, prostate and testicular cancer, while
fundraising for the following Irish charities Cancer Care West, The
Marie Keating Foundation, The Mater Foundation and The Mercy Hospital

Blue September first launched in New Zealand in 2008 and has since
then extended to Australia, America, and now the UK and Ireland. The
aim of Blue September is to challenge Irish men to take note of the
cancers most likely to affect them, to become increasingly aware of
their health and to be more open to discussing health concerns with
family or friends. In general men are less likely to seek advice from
a qualified health professional and by and large have a more
pessimistic view of their chances in relation to treatment. Each year
2,720 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer with 543 deaths, while
2,500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer with 650 deaths. However
breast cancer has a much higher profile in terms of media coverage and
general awareness in comparison to prostate cancer.

Further information can be found on the website