Cavan and Monaghan Hospitals and Infection Control

Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group are holding Infection Prevention and
Control Awareness days on 5th October 2011 (Monaghan Hospital 11.00am
to 2.00pm) and 6th October 2011(Cavan General Hospital 10.00am to

Healthcare associated infection remains a top priority for the public,
patients and staff of Cavan Monaghan Hospital Group. Avoidable
infections are not only potentially devastating for patients and
healthcare staff, but consume valuable healthcare resources.
Investment in infection prevention and control is therefore both
necessary and cost effective.

During the Infection Prevention and Control Awareness days there will
be demonstrations on the correct hand hygiene technique and
information on appropriate times to wash and gel your hands to prevent
the leading cause for spreading infection.

Staff and the public will be advised on the key measures which will
prevent Norovirus from getting into and spreading around the
hospitals. Information will be available to ensure that both patients
and their visitors are aware of what they can do to reduce the risks
of infection in hospitals and how they can avoid bringing infection
into hospitals.

Information will also be available to staff and the public on the
appropriate use of antibiotics and when antibiotics should and should
not be used.

Members of the public are welcome to attend both days and Infection
Prevention and Antibiotic Awareness quizzes will be in circulation
throughout both hospitals during the week with prizes to be won.
There will be Spot prizes for every 15th attendee at the display stand
who receives a hand hygiene training demonstration.