A Cardiac Ambulance Experience

My wife is a GP

I have seen variations of the following going on for years

Today, a man presents to the surgery with acute chest pain, pallor,
sweating feeling very ill

After aspirin was given, 999 was phoned

The call went into an automated answering machine asking of you which
emergency service that you wanted the Gardai, ambulance or marine
service. If you have a problem talking – do something else. If you
dont do any of these this is not an emergency call

Finally an operator answered. The operator was told this is Dr X
please send a cardiac ambulance. Then there was a series of questions
as to whether the person was conscious, was he breathimg, was he alert
etc. She told the guy that he was fine JUST send an ambualance. The
guy repeated his questions twice. He said he would report the doctor.
She again asked him ” Am I going to get a cardiac ambulance? He said
yes and terminated the call. The doctor was very irked by this. I have
had a similar experience before.

The ambulance guys took 20 mins to move off from the surgery

I have had unsatisfactory experiences with local ambulances over the
years about 50% of the time.