What next for Fine Gael – the prologue

Michael D Higgins has been very dignified throughout the campaign.
Many FG voters that I know voted for him and were happy to do so.

For Gay Mitchell, all I can say is I’m sorry for him. I know I have been there.

What is the message for Fine Gael. Firstly, I think that respecting the Presidency as a transendant office would be a good start.
Secondly, the last election result was a reflection of the public betrayal and obvious lack of competence of Fianna Fail. They just had to go and someone had to fill the gap.

I do not think that the Presidential election was a reflection on the parties other than in a very general way. McGuinness’s vote was a Sinn Fein cheer and allso a vote for his performance in Northern Ireland.
This could be seen in the vote in Donegal Northeast.

For Fine Gael, I have confidence in Enda Kenny as the type of inclusive Taoiseach that the country needs. Kenny’s natural cheerfulness is a great national asset. He must be allowed rest and exercise and be guarded against his own manic tendency to run all over the place in permanent campaign mode. We need him fresh for the people and for national morale. If he gets too tired he will inevitable get irascible and narky. I only worry that he is surrounded by too many conservatives. (This country is not Tory). I perceive Ireland to be a loose mishmash of social democracy. This does not chime with what Gay Mitchell was saying about Christian Democracy. The old story of being in office buy not in power must never be forgotten. It is important to be honest with the people and to be consistent. Hubris is the downfall of many. Enda must wield the bata after two years and say ‘thanks but no thanks!’ to some of the ministers.

Phil Hogan – There is another competent man. I actually like him too.
He would be my second choice as leader of Fine Gael.

Michael Noonan. – Competent careful and doing a good job. He should get Brian Hayes to explain to the slower that paying the bondholders xhundred million will be money well spent if we can negotiate a deal on the promissory notes on the bank recapitalisation.

Brian Hayes – Doing a good job. I hope he keeps the head and stays modest which befits him best. Btrian is a good explainer and like Kenny is usually upbeat.

Lucyloo – Good minister – good choice and will represent us well in Brussels. I have confidence in her ability and have no doubt that she is up to the task.

Simon Coveney – He is competent in Agriculture. Big fellow which helps and is socially conservative which is no disadvantage in agriculture.
His aulfella was highly though of and Simon is a chip off the old block.

Simon Harris – Greystones – This is an impressive young man and should be brought into the government side of youth affairs somewhere. Maybe send him to lobby for Ireland across Europe or to China. I reckon he has lots of talent and could succeed in encouraging investment in Ireland.

Fergus O’Dowd – This man is another very competent performer. He has been relatively quiet so far and I am expecting a lot more from him.
He is decent social democrat.

Peter Matthews – Minister without Potfolio- I remember Patrick Gordon-Walker in that role in Wilson’s government. So Enda – give Peter the nod to stay independent to extract the best advise and analysis from him. He is sound and well informed. He’s even able to talk to Constantin Gurdgiev to good effect at time.

Richard Bruton- This man has talent and is well educated, informed and bright. He needs to communicate better with the public and eschew propaganda. This is a long war of economic recovery so Bruton must only say what he believes to be true and not what others wish to be true but he knows is fantasy.

Jimmy Deenahan – Jimmy should become a sporting icon across the county as he has the talent, the personality and the record to do so.

John O’mahony should also be encouraged to have a higher profile. He brings a quiet sense of authority to what he does.

By the way- why punish Denis Naughton for not being a liar?