Alasdair McDonnell elected Leader of SDLP

I am delighted for Alastair. When many people in my year in UCD are
retiring, Alastair takes over in gteh hot seat at the SDLP. Because of
the grant system in NI, Alastair was always better funded than us but
he was always a great character. Himself and the other nordies were
expecially memorable in our class in UCD. Sheila O’Neill – a real
black haired beautiful Shelia who went to OZ, Frank Curran from
Donegal, Margaret Anne McKeague from Maghera and he friend Ann from
Magherafelt. Cyril Kelly of legal fame.

Alasdair was/is a real character. he had a car when we didnt. I always
enjoyed meeting and talking to him.