Political pledges

A look back at the manifestos of all parties in the last two elections
is a trip into the Looking Glass of Alice in Wonderland. Noddy and Big
Ears come to mind. What big promises you made Noddy!

What hospitals you will definitely keep open Big Ears! What 100,004 thousand jobs you
will create in your new era little Richard! What a pyre of unsecured
bonds you will incinerate in public at halloween, dear Michael! Please
do not get anyone to hold their breaths for the irish Re-entry into
the bond market party in 2012 because dear leader, IT WILL NOT BE
POSSIBLE. If we leave the euro, nobody will lend us any money in the
short term and if we stay in, the ECB/IMF will have to arrange that
some of the bank debt is written off as we in Ireland cannot afford to
bail out the French, UK and German banks.

I want to stay in the euro and recognise the problems and changes
necessary to do so. But the current technocrats governments in Italy
and Greece undermine democratic principles of elected politicians
running countries. This pressure for technocratic pseudodemocracy is
dangerous and the Germans are making a serious error. An EU treaty
change referendum would have little chance of passing here. I also
predict that the constitutional changes resulting from the
constitutional convention will not pass either. The public in general
do not trust politicians. So no lies from D2 please.