Dublin Fire Brigade – Charges

Clarification re call out charge for Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin City Council, in introducing a range of charges for the
services of Dublin Fire Brigade, is conscious of the fact that most
insurance companies are already charging a premium to cover for fire
charges which are already levied in many parts of the country outside

The Insurance Federation have indicated that they will not consider
contributing directly to the cost of the fire service notwithstanding
the fact that they are already collecting premiums from people for
such charges.

The City Council has indicated that the charge levied by the City
Council on those with insurance cover should be passed directly onto
the Insurance companies. In the case of households where the Dublin
Local Authorities are the landlord, the Local Authorities will
themselves bear the Fire Brigade costs while, in the case of
households where there is no household insurance cover in place, the
Local Authorities will look sympathetically, and on an individual
basis, at hardship cases in relation to the charges.

In light of this, and in the knowledge that the charge will not be an
issue, it is important that people continue to call on the services of
Dublin Fire Brigade, at 999 or 911 at the earliest possible moment in
a fire situation.