More on Darren Scully

I expect the Fine Gael Central Council to confirm that the statements
of Councillor Darren Scully on KFM are incompatable with being a
member of Fine Gael. He said that he would not represent a group in
society distinguishable by the colour of their skins and possibly by
an African accent from somewhere on that vast continent.

Well Mr Scully, Councillor in Kildare, I cannot occupy even the same
virtual political space as you. So something has to give.

Scully, just think of No Blacks, No Irish, No dogs. ( Question for you
– Where was that posted as a sign on doors in the 1950s?)

Scully should join with Treanor in Monaghan for consistency.

I have been told that many people agree with Scully. That is entirely
irrelevant to me.

I welcome immigrants to this country – All except gangsters and criminals.

Obviously we must have an immigration policy and enforce it. That is a
separate issue.