The Green Party in Ireland

The Green Party is an important group in Ireland. I support much of
their agenda but certainly not their opposition to nuclear energy. I
hope they recover in Irish politics. My annoyance with them centres
wound the support for NAMA by Eamonn Ryan as government minister. I
believed then and still believe that NAMA was and is a bad idea. I
would much prefer the banks being forced to clean up their own books
without the Irish public becoming involved. NAMA must have put the
property professionals on a metaphorical life support.

Secondly, I think that John Gormley was ridiculous with regard to the
incinerator at Poolbeg. His last sting in increasing the levies was
the final straw to make the whole project non-viable. There are EU
fines on the way with regard to waste management. The siting at
Poolbeg is wrong but incineration is not. The advantages of Poolbeg
are the nearness to a power station to cycle electricity and access to
river water for cooling. Gogarty was good for laughs.

Above that, I think that some of the Green TDs were very good and it
is in the interest of the country that they survive. Fianna Fail is in
a different category altogether. Eamonn Ryan is correct to give their
people tracking roles on the government.