No scumbags, brats or chancers in Dun Laoghaire?

“The Ceann Comhairle also wants to see his plan for a better-dressed
Dáil implemented. Male deputies would have to wear a jacket and a
shirt with a collar – ties would be optional.

The existing list of forbidden words includes: brat, buffoon, chancer,
communist, corner boy, coward, fascist, gurrier, guttersnipe,
hypocrite, rat, scumbag, scurrilous and yahoo.”

The Dail should be broadcast live and available to all the population
as the main democratic forum in the country. The banning of some words
above is a nonsense. The robust exchanges in Australia would obviously
cause Sean Barrett indigestion. Even Denis Healey on Geoffrey Howe and
“being savaged by a dead sheep” might be too uch for his delicate

Sean attended CBS Dun Laoghaire, CBC Monkstown and Pres Glasthule.
Were there no brats, gurriers, chancers, corner boys, guttersnipes,
hypocrites, rats or scumbags in those halls of virtuous learning? Or
for that matter scurrilous comments? There were a few lads in my old
school who might have earned some of those epithets above. Ringsend
was a bit more visceral than the Borough.