Reilly File – lumps and bumps

Sir James said that ” he would be asking the VHI to draw up a schedule
of procedures that could be carried out either by consultants or GPs
in primary care. Dr Reilly suggested these could include sebaceous
cysts, biopsies for skin cancer and the removal of lesions that appear

He said it was “absolutely and utterly nonsensical” that insurance
companies were paying a “side room fee” to a hospital for a procedure
that could be carried out by a GP.

Well now Sir James – I am not so sure about the outcomes of skin
surgery carried out by some of the GPs that I know and some of the
Dermatologists I know. I have no problem with sebacious cysts. Skin
cancers can be contentious. Rodent ulcers ? How many did you do?
Squamous cell carcinomas? How many did you do? How many were
histological clearances.

I woin’t bother with melanomas – too serious.

Anyway – I am feeling absolutely and utterly whimsical tonight. So there!