Dave Hickey shooting the breeze with Bill

It is always a great pleasure to chat to Dave Hickey fro a whole hour
to-day. Whether playing for Belvo, UCD, La Rochelle, Raheny – Hickey
was a magnificent talent with ATTITUDE. Brave to a fault, the guy has
soul. And as is my wont, we were talking about various characters
including Pat O’Neill who was in my class in UCD when Lo and behold ,
Pat phoned Dave who put me on to the mad Paddy Rhodesian with all that
that suggests. Pat made a right few bob in New York when we were
students. We the plebs worked where we could – me carrying garbage
sacks out of American Airlines on 3rd Ave or working in Greenpoint Ave
in Brooklyn Docks. Neiller getting sent off for flattening some guy in
Gaelic Park on a sunday afternoon in 95 degres heat and then being
embarassed when we slagged him in the beer bar afterwards. Steins of
whatever that poison was! Nice guy Pat and he still is. He differs
from Dave and myself on attitudes to people.

Hickey has made an enormous contribution to Beaumont and Kidney
transplants in Ireland. The figures are magnificent. There is a need
for expansion of that service and Beaumont must get off its buttt to
make this happen. I believe that the Reilly File meeting last week was
a cracker!

Dave thinks that the Dubs will win again this year. He got it right in
July when he told me they would win. Funny enough, the doctor with the
Dublin team was a guy Professor Gerry McElvaney – a genius. One of the
top guys I have ever met in Medicine.

In Medicine we must co-operate and innovate to get the job done in the
country’s interest. The talent at consultant level here in Dublin is
fantastic at present. I was thinking of getting Anthony Daly to twist
Prof Chris Thompson’s arm to stop him being poached by the UK boys.

Working in Beaumont surrounded by these people is a privilege.

Beaumont could be great – a world leader – the talent is there in many
ologies. Geriatric medicine is becoming impressive because of the
critical bulk of really good people.

Lets get a second Angio suite and get on with it.

Dave was telling me about the international school in Havana. My guys
got a lot of value added from the Js in Dublin , northside and
southside. We all love our kids and life can be difficult for many
families trying to do the best.

Nuf for now

May your god go with you!

Beir bua